About me

I'm the Director of Sales & Marketing at XWiki SAS, a French wiki company.

I started working there as an intern back in November 2006, while I was an ERASMUS student in London. I had started a blog about using wikis within companies (archive available here) and I was looking for an internship. I came across XWiki's website and I got in touch with Ludovic, XWiki's founder. After a couple hours chatting over Skype, I was in!

I kept working at the company for about 2 years while completing my studies, as an apprentice, a part-time worker and an intern one last time before securing a full-time job there in October 2009. In the meanwhile I was awarded a Master 1 in marketing and a Master 2 in management at the Université Paris Dauphine.

During that time I worked on communication, notably on revamping our website (twice!). I've also been the product manager for XWiki Workspaces and XWiki Watch (they've since been folded as modules in our XWiki Enterprise product). I was a project manager for a couple months as well and even wrote some code for a few customer projects. Besides this I also performed some consulting/training gigs and worked on building partnerships with integrators. In short, I've tried doing pretty much everything one can do at a tech startup :-)

Starting in June 2010 I became XWiki SAS' sales guy, using my pretty extensive knowledge of our product and platform to assist our customers and prospects in finding and implementing awesome solutions to their collaboration needs. I went on to lead the Sales & Client projects team from March 2011 to January 2014. I then became the company's Director of Sales & Marketing.

I also happen to be a resolute fieldhockey player, an avid reader and a very poor singer.

Fighting for the ball.