Article: Do You Feel Pressure or Do You Apply Pressure?

I read this article before going on holiday and didn't take the time to post about it:

Let's begin by looking at the overwhelming spiral. As your company grows, people start complaining about everything from your sales efforts being underwhelming to there not being enough organic snacks in your free food section. In the meanwhile, you are trying to wrestle serious product strategy questions posed by scary competitors to the ground. You don't know the answers to most of the complaints, so you defer them and focus on what you know. The problems related to the complaints fester and grow. Your employees get frustrated that the issues are not being fixed and complain louder. They begin to lose confidence in you as CEO.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The key to breaking the cycle is to stop feeling pressure and to start applying it. The most basic way to do this is to assign the problems to your team. This transfers the pressure from you to the organization and has the added benefit of empowering the team.

Although this is most definitely true at the organization-wide level, I found it to apply within a team as well. Forcing yourself to push things off your plate when you can't handle them is also a good way to give others a chance to shine and prove their worth by rising up to the occasion.