Getting Started

Up to tonight, an old laptop of mine hosted my website. The laptop was located at the bottom of a cupboard in my room. It overheated a lot, thus its fan kept working almost all the time. Over the week-end, I noticed than fan activity seemed to have increased (since it had gotten much louder). When I got back from work today, I heard the fan suddenly stop working. Long live the fan.

Thus I got stuck with an unused domain name. In order not to lose too much search engine visibility, I had to replace the website as fast as possible. To do so, I chose using, a service my colleague Raffaello mocked during the afternoon as "a tool that would be useful to spread viruses around the web". I definitely not intend to use this website to spread computer viruses, but if it helps spreading my ideas I honestly won't mind :-)

So far I've been quite impressed by the simplicity and helpfulness of the system. No frills, all features working as expected so far, autoposting to both facebook & twitter enabled, domain-name configured, no hassle. I would have liked a bit more control over the site's layout, though I like its minimalist look. At least this way content will be forced to be king :-)

This post will also serve me as a test of the autoposting to twitter / facebook feature. Let's see how it goes...


I must admit I find it quite good looking, the image posts that you've been doing fill it well.
it looks way more 2.0

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