Personal driver services - the full article series

After trying out Uber and Djump, I've taken to Medium to write a shot series of articles on personal driver services:

The winner in the personal driver space will be the first company to achieve platform status.

What I meant by “winning"
Why I think the personal driver marketplace will be owned, not just led, by one single service.

If there is to be but one winner, what do they need to do in order to own the personal driver market?

One spot, three contenders: the race to become tomorrow’s leading personal driver service 
Three services are currently vying for the crown. Hailo is defensive, Uber is obsoletive while Lyft is disruptive. Who brought a knife to a gun fight?

I'll probably follow-up with a post on what I think about the experience of writing on Medium. In the meanwhile, I'm interested in your take about which service you think is more likely to go on to own the market - if any.