Pump your Intranet Up ! using a Wiki

So your company have been using an intranet for years, without any tangible result ? Looking forwarg to getting a system easy to install and that really works ? Here is what you can do !

A wiki is user-centered

Unlike your current system, where everything has to go through a webmaster before reaching the intranet, a wiki-powered system allows selected users to contribute and add content easily. Your out-of-date intranet will become a souvenir as soon as you will allow your employees to use it in order to communicate on what really matters for their job. Information stays current and can be shared among teams more efficiently. Now business needs rule, not the poor structure of your software !

Access Rights Management is easy

Stop wondering for years wether Mr Smith has access to the B-Zone that requires him to get a pass from the IT department ... in 3 weeks of time. You can tune access rights efficiently, with any level of detail (from the whole site to a single page, from all users to a given one). This means that you can easily control who sees/edit/comment on what and keep confidential information ... confidential. But also that you can provide access to a workspace to the new member of your team, who has been detached to work with you for those 3 weeks.

You can share documents (at last !)

The matter with e-mail is that one hardly (never?) knows wether he received the last version of this PowerPoint presentation he is supposed to present with his team on Monday. But the Content-Management System supposedly designed to handle this task is too obscure for anyone to actually use it. With a wiki, you can easily add any document to a given page, get it, modify it and put it back there, so that others know that they always get the current version to work on. No more "I though this version was the right one" when your more important slide is missing on Monday...

Using a wiki as an intranet fosters communication between employees and boosts productivity. Get rid of the skeleton that hangs on your server, it's time to go wiki !

Want more ? Stay tuned.

© Guillaume Lerouge for WikiBC