Building Situational Applications with XWiki

Back in 2004 author Clay Shirky wrote a very interesting piece on Situational Applications. He defines them as follows:

"Situated software isn't a technological strategy so much as an attitude about closeness of fit between software and its group of users."

In short, he argues that the cost of writing applications has become so low that it has become worthwhile to create focused applications for small groups of users:

"Small, purpose-built apps have always existed, of course. Now, though, the combination of good tools, talented users and the internet as a social stage makes the construction of such software simpler, the quality of the result better, and the delivery to the users as simple as clicking a link. The design center of a dozen users, so hard to serve in the past, may become normal practice."

XWiki offers a platform on which a company can quickly and effectively build such small applications for its employees. Examples of such applications include a company-specific project management tool that we created for one of our customers or a process documentation tool that we built for another.

In essence, using XWiki as a rapid application development platform provides your team with all the tools they need to create great collaborative applications quickly. That's why we call it the second generation wiki.

Once XWiki users find out about the fact that they can have pretty much any simple application they can think of built for them, they come up with plenty of ideas about what the perfect applications to support their business needs would be and we end up building a lot of such applications for them.

You can contact us if you'd like to find out more about the applications XWiki SAS has built for its customers.

Raffaello's last day - attack of the whipped cream

Raffa (@skol) bought strawberries & cream yesterday. Obviously, there was no way we would not do stupid stuff with pressurized stuff (as you may have noticed from the previous video).

 Therefore it comes as no surprise that my MacBook was victim of a whipped cream attack... Raffaello even shot at it with a Nerf gun after it was applied !

Great XWiki review

Aaron Digulla wrote a great post about XWiki after seeing Vincent's (@vmassol) XWiki presentation at Jazoon. He really understood the geist of it and the possibilities XWiki opens up for developers and organizations.

Here's an excerpt from his post:

"With XWiki, you can finally annotate data in your corporate database with a wiki page, with all the power of a wiki and you can even display the data set in the wiki and edit it there. Granted, the data set won’t be versioned unless your corporate database allows that but it’s simple to do the versioning in the data access layer (for example, you can save all modifications in a log database).

Suddenly, possibilities open up."

I'll be on Stand 107 in Halle 7.2a at LinuxTag Berlin

LinuxTag is starting from tomorrow onwards in Berlin and I'll be there to talk about XWiki in the midst of a strong French delegation. A number of French Open-Source companies will have a presence there, including XWiki SAS, eXoplatform, Talend or Mandriva. Come and meet me if you're interested in wiki software & collaboration.

Here's how to get to the expo! You'll have no excuse not to come ;-)

Text edition in XWiki Enterprise 1.9 is awesome

I'm currently working on XWiki's answer to the French government call for Web 2.0 projects. We started a fresh XWiki Enterprise 1.9 instance to work together on our answer and I love using it:

  • Full-screen edition allows me to focus on what I'm writing
  • The Alt+Caps+S shortcut lets me save my modifications without reloading the page
  • I can create links easily thus keeping the whole thing organized
  • It's WYSIWYG so I don't need to worry about the syntax
Basically, it combines all the advantages of traditional desktop-based text editors with those of a wiki :-)