A New Home

I've moved! Posthaven is the new home for my posts, effective right now.

I still need to figure out a couple things and the options are still pretty limited, but this is starting well. As outlined in my second Quora blog post, the most important things missing for me are:

  1. A service that will hopefully not close down in the next 10 years
  2. Support for personal domain name (I want to reuse guillaumelerouge.com)
  3. Posterous importer (I have 1.04Go of data to bring back to life)
  4. Ability to post by email (this one is just too good to let go)

Out of those 4, the last one is the only one missing right now. As for #1, time will tell, but it seems to be off to a good start

Posthaven is for anyone, but it's not free. It's for pay, but with the goal of keeping the content and website online forever. We're considering becoming a nonprofit to support that goal.

Now let's hope my next wishes come true as well!