Google Wave looks amazing

Here's the full video from the Google Wave presentation at the Google I/O developer conference... It looks really, really promising. Making this baby Open-Source could change the face of the web. It looks a bit like the social, collaborative OS of the future...

I can't wait for IE to support HTML 5 now since until it does we'll have a harsh time making such awesome technology go mainstream.

Monaco GP - First Lap

I've shot a couple videos from the stand where I was located next to the race track. Watching the cars go past at top speed was hugely impressive !! I wasn't located in front of the Chicane turn as I thought I would. I was in fact located between the Casino (n°4) and Mirabeau Haute (n°5) turns. The cars reach north of 200 KM/H on that part of the track.

Listening to the sound of the cars as they are about to arrive (approx. at 10") was really amazing...

I'm going to the Monaco Grand Prix !!

Well, the title pretty much says it all... From what I currently know of my location during the race, I'll be on a terrace located somewhere between the speed point and turns 10 / 11 (cf I couldn't find a detailed map of the race so I'm not quite sure yet where exactly on the racetrack avenue des Spélugues is.

I'll try shooting a couple images from the race though I'm not quite sure my pocket camera will fit the bill :-) Also, my mother bought me a pair of Quies protective earplugs to alleviate the noise. I'll put them to good use !!

Who do you have in mind when designing software?

While looking for something not directly related to software development, I stumbled over Joel Spolsky's blog this evening. I've already read most of the articles on his blog an like them a lot.

He wrote 3 especially good articles about "designing for people who have better things to do with their lives":

If you never had the opportunity to read them even though you're involved in software development and/or design, now is the time !!

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