Today was a busy day

I got started at 9:30 for a meeting with the full XWiki French team. Jérôme (XWiki Romania office manager) joined us from Romania through Skype. Laurent (one of our designers) took the trip from Agen yesterday and he was at the Paris office with us. We waited for Vincent (our CTO) to come in but I eventually had to call him and learn that in the end he wouldn't show up since he had forgotten about the meeting.

We got started around 10am, joined by JV (one of our developers) at 10:30 (but we all knew he would be late anyway). We had an inspiring presentation by Ludovic (our CEO) that outlined the challenges and opportunities of the collaboration market. We had a great time talking about the company's business model and strengths together. We eventually went for a lunch together - talking had gotten us hungry.

Then back from lunch I had to juggle between Caty (our other designer) who asked me for feedback about the new dialog boxes we're working on (you can see a sample of her work on this page: on the left are the new ones, on the right the old ones) and Jérôme who wanted me to complete our summer intern's mission description.

Then before I could take the slightest break I was on testing our new editor conversion's feature (screencast coming soon I promise) and doing quality assurance with Thomas (another of our developers) who promptly fixed a couple bugs I had identified. I was hoping I could get some rest at that point but that was notwithstanding the project assessment I had promised Yves (our Director of Sales)....

Now let's go get some rest - tomorrow might well be quite a busy day as well :-)

I got hacked already!! :-)

Raffaello (@skol), our grumpy sysadmin, probably out of utter jealousy at the sight of the near-instant success of my awesome new blog, hacked it this afternoon!! He replaced my latest post with a Chimpanzee video & my profile picture with... well... I'll let you find out ;-)

I reversed the changes already but happily Thomas (@eveilleau) had the time to snap a screenshot of the pawned website. Here it is, for your pleasure:

I also embedded the Chimpanzee video. While I don't like it quite as much as this morning's one, it's well worth a shot too: