A couple pics from Stanford

Last in my series of pictures from San Francison and the bay area, a few pictures from Stanford University. It's incredibly big by French standards (they american football stadium is proably bigger than many a French city's) plus it looks cool and students are wandering around on bikes in a cosy, protected environment. You can't really the same thing of my Uni (Dauphine packs 9000 students in a single building between Paris' Périphérique and its Boulevards).

I took pics of Alcatraz too :-)

My latest post of the day is a bunch of pictures of the famous prison I took from various spots across the city. I wanted to snap a couple cable-car pics too, but they were too fast. Every time I tried to photograph one it was gone by the time my camera was out. Next time maybe?

Pics from JavaOne

JavaOne is now over. It was an interesting conference. I spent some time talking with @tgrall and @benjmestrallet who's preparing his migration to San Francisco in order to open @exoplatform's branch here. I also sneaked into a demo of Confluence 3 by the @atlassian team. Some interesting stuff, source of inspiration for the next versions of XWiki ;-)

It was pretty impressive to see how fast stands were unmounted once the conference was over...

Pictures of San Francisco

I've snapped a number of pictures during our various trips throughout the city. Sorted in no particular order, they are mostly pictures taken from the top of Twin Peaks and pictures of the Civic Center. I think the Coit Tower picture was taken from the top of Lombard Street.