Office Politics - Part 2

Yesterday @eveilleau & I started a short-lived office war over me bruising his thumb while trying to reproduce on of the Bujinkan moves that @jvelo taught us. He retaliated by breaking a cookie into crumbs on my laptop's keyboard. I had a hard time cleaning it and I can still feel the crumbdust while pressing some keys. I had to take a vengeance. I put the crumbs I had collected on my keyboard to good use and wasted Thomas' computer, closing the screen on the cookie. I'm not the only one who had some cleaning to do yesterday.

The last picture shows how unphased the whole situation left me - special thanks to Jérôme for the hat!

Why you should protect yourself from light

I live in a flat at the top floor of my building. There's a window in the roof right over my bed. Since I don't like waking up at the same time as the sun (especially during the summer), I use a t-shirt to cover it. The t-shirt has now spent approximately 6 months under the sun. The pictures below show what both sides look like now. I think I'll put sunscreen on next time I'm going on holiday...