I'll be on Stand 107 in Halle 7.2a at LinuxTag Berlin

LinuxTag is starting from tomorrow onwards in Berlin and I'll be there to talk about XWiki in the midst of a strong French delegation. A number of French Open-Source companies will have a presence there, including XWiki SAS, eXoplatform, Talend or Mandriva. Come and meet me if you're interested in wiki software & collaboration.

Here's how to get to the expo! You'll have no excuse not to come ;-)

Text edition in XWiki Enterprise 1.9 is awesome

I'm currently working on XWiki's answer to the French government call for Web 2.0 projects. We started a fresh XWiki Enterprise 1.9 instance to work together on our answer and I love using it:

  • Full-screen edition allows me to focus on what I'm writing
  • The Alt+Caps+S shortcut lets me save my modifications without reloading the page
  • I can create links easily thus keeping the whole thing organized
  • It's WYSIWYG so I don't need to worry about the syntax
Basically, it combines all the advantages of traditional desktop-based text editors with those of a wiki :-)

I need to improve my pool table skillz

Ok, Eduard & Oana (@oanat) beat me this time… But next time it won't be the same! Obviously in this occasion I was simply making them feel at ease for their first couple days in France :-p

Since @oanat told me @vmassol & @lucaa play even better than us, I'd better practice some more before the 2 of them get in Paris on July 20.

Hadn't Eduard played this one with a single hand, I would't even have won
1 round.

The winning ball (well, the losing ball from my perspective, but you get thé geist of it).

Oana attempting a tricky figure (I had managed to pull one such figure off successfully earlier that day!!)

@jvelo, you're gonna love this ;-)

Ludo (@ldubost) brought his BUG to the office !!

Apparently there's a BUGView, a BUGmotion and a BUGlocate in it on top of the BUGbase... You're gonna have fun ;-)

For those who don't know about it, "BUG is a modular, open source system for building devices." You can find out more about it on the BUGlabs website.

Jérôme (@jvelo), XWiki's Romania Office manager is pretty interested in playing with one of them as you can see from his various tweets:

I had promised him to lobby Ludovic to bring the one he won during the FOSDEM conference:

Well Jérôme, here you go ;-)