@jvelo, you're gonna love this ;-)

Ludo (@ldubost) brought his BUG to the office !!

Apparently there's a BUGView, a BUGmotion and a BUGlocate in it on top of the BUGbase... You're gonna have fun ;-)

For those who don't know about it, "BUG is a modular, open source system for building devices." You can find out more about it on the BUGlabs website.

Jérôme (@jvelo), XWiki's Romania Office manager is pretty interested in playing with one of them as you can see from his various tweets:

I had promised him to lobby Ludovic to bring the one he won during the FOSDEM conference:

Well Jérôme, here you go ;-)

A couple pics from Stanford

Last in my series of pictures from San Francison and the bay area, a few pictures from Stanford University. It's incredibly big by French standards (they american football stadium is proably bigger than many a French city's) plus it looks cool and students are wandering around on bikes in a cosy, protected environment. You can't really the same thing of my Uni (Dauphine packs 9000 students in a single building between Paris' Périphérique and its Boulevards).

Bonne Fête Maman !

Here you go Mum ;-)

I'm still on time since it's currently 11:14pm in France... For those who don't get it, my mum commented on my last post asking for a mother's day greeting... Here it is :-)

Plus I think I deserve a bonus point since it's the first time ever I'm posting to my blog from a plane flying 10.000 meters above the United States !!