Raffaello's last day - attack of the whipped cream

Raffa (@skol) bought strawberries & cream yesterday. Obviously, there was no way we would not do stupid stuff with pressurized stuff (as you may have noticed from the previous video).

 Therefore it comes as no surprise that my MacBook was victim of a whipped cream attack... Raffaello even shot at it with a Nerf gun after it was applied !

I learnt a great trick to fight the heat

The weather is getting quite hot here in Paris, making working harder. Thus most of us are looking for ways to fight the heat. Here's a great trick I recently learnt: when faced with heat, most people instinctively take mild-to-cold showers. It makes them feel better - while under the water. However, they feel hot again as soon as they get out.

The trick is to actually get a really hot shower. While under the water, gradually increase its temperature until it's barely bearable. This is obviously going to make your body feel hot. When getting out of the shower, you'll be experiencing a light shock since the outside air will be at a lower temperature than your skin, thus making you feel good. The main point here is the expected contrast between your body's temperature and outside air's.

It's the same reason while people in hot countries drink hot beverages: they make you increase your body's temperature, thus making you feel better :-)

Remember: hot weather means hotter showers !!